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Name: Christian Rhey Yap Magoncia

Nickname: Yan

Age: 21 y.o.

Gender: Male


Block 32 Lot 12, Phase2 NHA Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Father: Herbert D. Magoncia

Mother: Evelyn Y. Magoncia


June Birth Y. Magoncia
April John Ariel Y. Magoncia 

Graduate of: 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Batch 2010 @ Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan
Working Experience: 

Maria Reyna Xavier University Hospital (Nurse)

Jollibee Food Corporations (Marketing Assistant)


Blessed Hope Christian Community Churches International

At Home: 

I'm the eldest among us 3. The housekeeper who is responsible for cleaning, doing laundry, washing dishes, fixing broken stuffs and everything.

At Church:  

One of the praise and worship leaders. Leading a bunch of young people too in serving God. Helping in every way I can for the advancement of God's kingdom agenda.

At School:

A friend of everyone. Leads the duty team (group of nursing students) whenever the clinical instructor is not around. Took charge on ample of responsibilities. Influences colleagues to draw closer to God. 

At Work:  

Lightens the mood of everyone. Make people laugh in my thoughtless thoughts. Encourage everyone to achieve high outputs. Influences colleagues to draw closer to God.

Dreams & Aspirations:
  • Become a well-known Doctor or Nurse.

  • Build this HOUSE.

  •  Buy my own CAR.

  • Build my own business that will support the works of the CHURCH, MINISTRY and PASTORS.

  • Buy new set of SOUND system and INSTRUMENTS for great worship.

  • Disciple hundreds of YOUNG people to serve the God more than I did.

  • Build a Godly family and raising my children the way my father and pastors raised me.

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