Saturday, July 3, 2010

Apple finds iPhone 4 signal bars misleading, hiding poor signal

Apple just issued their official statement on the non-existent iPhone 4 reception issues. What iPhone 4 users are experiencing when they grip the lower left corner is just their real signal, poor as it seems. Their poor signal has so far been obscured by the deceptive signal bars, which obviously tend to exaggerate the signal levels due to some erroneous formula in the iPhone software.

Apple's statement on the iPhone 4 reception issues (which they previously dismissed as nonexistent), says that all phones have issues in areas of poor signal and it's just that the iPhones show the available signal in a wrong way. Apple plans to fix that with a software release that should make graphical representation of available signal more real. End of problem.

I just hope they would really do something about this problem just to be fair to those customers who are paying a lot for this gadget. They deserve to get the quality of item on what they were paying for. Many people have chosen Apple over other brands before due to its popularity. Even I was strongly convinced, but I'm starting to have second thoughts right now. If this signal crap thing continues, their reputation would really be compromised.

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