Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TCP: The Last Air Bender


This is the movie that I've been waiting for. I've followed the story in its animation form and I was so amazed when I heard that it was being translated into the real "human form" kind of movie. What I'm after is to see the effects incorporated in this film. I always love to watch movies with characters that has special abilities. Water against Fire and Air against Earth elements. Whoooohhoo... I find it soOooo COOL! The story was indeed great when it was still in anime series. I hope it gets better when it starts to appear in theaters.

Enjoy Watching! Happy TCP

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Missie said...

I haven't heard good things, but I hope you enjoy it!

Genefaith said...

i'm not familiar with this movie...I'm more with Naruto..he..he..but it's good you feature it here baka magkainterest si hubby ko nito:)

mine's here:

Rossel said...

my daughter is a follower of the last air bender and she would be glad to know that there's already a human form. thanks for sharing. you can see my entry here for TCP...


Mommy Liz said...

This is a great movie, we watched it last week. Can't wait for the next one.


kimmyschemy06 said...

Same goes! I've been watching the anime and I really love it. I hope I can get the chance to watch it on the big screen. Nice post!

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