Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Count Your Blessings


There are countless of reasons for me to thank God about this week. But let me focus to a certain person who gives me the chance to earn through my writing skills. He's a friend from NYC. His name is Henley Chiu, founder of the 

I wasn't really expecting that he would turn up up one day and ask me, "Hey Christian, can you write something for me about this certain thing (advertise this product) and I'll pay you for it." Well, it's not to brag that I'm really good about this advertising stuffs, but he believes in me so I just grab the opportunity. Though it was just simple yet it really helped me a lot, especially now wherein I am saving every penny I have for my upcoming licensure examination as a full-pledged registered nurse. It would really cost me a lot and I don't want to depend on my parents money anymore, that's why I'm working my ass so hard to save enough cash for my future review expenses. 

I know that what Henley gives me can't suffice everything that I need, but I always do believe that it is IMPORTANT to give thanks in all things, just as mentioned by our Father in His word and to count every blessings you receive no matter how small or big it is! Hopefully, I could get more opportunities to generate income such as like what I have with Henley so that I can make it during the licensure exam. But all in all, I'm very much grateful!!! Thanks a lot my friend...

Happy Thankful Thursday Everyone!!!

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Jackie Cee Paraiso said...

keep on rocking yan.. you have the potentials!

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