Thursday, July 29, 2010

TT: Infinitely Beyond

For this week, I want to be thankful for the results I just got in our diagnostic exam that happened last Saturday and Sunday. Prior to our review classes, our review center conducted a diagnostic exam to identify our strengths and weaknesses in answering nursing board exam questions. The examination consist of 5 areas of nursing practice and identifying the areas where we are good at and where we are not is the first process that all of us should go through. The results of this exam would help us to maximize our time by focusing on topics that we are weak and giving adequate attention to topics which are quite manageable during on our review sessions.

When I saw the results just this morning, I was amazed on how I did able to make it on one of those top scorers in our batch. Though it rarely happens, considering the level of difficulty those questions did have, with God's grace and favor, I was able to make it! For another time around, I did not just passed but excelled to one of those who were on top. Indeed God is able to do infinitely beyond on what you could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). And for this, I gave HIM back all the glory and honor He deserves.

Do you have thankful stories to tell?


My Mad World said...

Congrats!! God is definitely good and does deserve the glory!! Not saying you didn't do any of it yourself but with God helped you get up to the top of the group!! Way to go!!!

Sandy said...

Congratulations to you! Thank you for shaaring. Yes, I am very thankful, too!

Heckety said...

Well done to yourself! And a good diagnostic tool too- I'm sure its helping your mates learn as well as boosting your confidence. Both are very important!

Karen said...

Great job!

Missie said...


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