Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Leave?

I don't know what happen to me lately but it seems like I've been loosing the gist of posting something! Maybe just because my mind was so pre-occupied with a lot of things. 90 days more and its going to be the NLE day, where we will be bringing out everything we have prepared to pass the exam and become registered as a full pledge nurse.

As days gets near to it, I'm trying to double time in my preparations so that I can make it. There maybe times wherein I can't post anything for the upcoming days but definitely, I'll be doing my best to post some within the week. 

Please pray for me that God would grant me the confidence and the wisdom to deal with the questions and problems I met along the way. Please do also pray for my bestfriend/girlfriend KARREN who is currently training in Manila as a Jail Officer. That's  one of my concerns now, that she will endure throughout that rigid training! 

Please continue to support my meme Saturday Bloopers and I will be launching another one next time. Thanks a lot and God bless us all!


Michele Williams said...

Praying for you. Don't worry about posting every day. Just whenever God leads you to post.

God bless you.

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