Friday, August 27, 2010

Congratulations!!!... Arjay, Ryan and Amor!

Congratulations to all who passed the recent Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination held last July 2010. The results just came out this morning and everyone was shocked of the passing rate that keeps on deteriorating every time. Among 90000 plus examinees who took the exam, only 30000 of them made it! And I'm so proud that these friends of mine were part of those people who are celebrating their victories today with their families. Congratulations guys! May God lead you continually to the peak of your success in our journey as nurses. 

The next exam will occur on December of this year and I will be one of those who will be taking it. I'm quite nervous but I know that God would never leave me. Plus, I have my friends, relatives, church and family who will support and be with me in prayers. I will never walk alone in this quest! Rather, we will all be in this together. Knowing this, somehow it lessened my level of anxiety!!!! Once again congratulations to Arjay, Ryan and Amor


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