Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lyrics: River of Love - Don Moen

By: Don Moen

Thirsty for more of You
More of Your Spirit and truth
Wash me from all my sin
Fill me with Your Spirit again

You're the River of Love
Flowing with grace and mercy
Flooding my soul
Filling my heart with peace
O River of Love
Like streams in the desert
Giver of life
Giving You life and love
To set me free

Heal me and I'll be healed
Save me and I will be saved
You've filled me with songs of praise
Forever I will sing of Your grace

If anyone is thirsty let him come on in
When you drink the living water
You will never thirst again

Giving Your life and love
To set me free
Giving Your life and love
To set me free.

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