Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saturday Bloopers Launching

Hey guys! Thanks for being here today...I would like to invite everyone to the newest meme of the season known as the Saturday Bloopers! Yes, you heard it right! Just like other memes, each Saturday, we would contribute certain photos, stories, jokes, videos or any form of experiences that made you laugh for the past days of your life. I do believe that laughters are meant to be shared and we would definitely do that here every Saturday! In this fast paced and stressful world, it is always good to take a break, relax and tell your funny stories of the week.

So, here's the mechanics on how to join:

1. Post an entry (it could be photo, story, video or experiences) about anything YOU consider as funny and worth sharing! 

2. Don't put anything that contains nudity or any malicious content which could be very offending to other readers. Such behavior will prompt me to prohibit you from joining the next sessions.

3. Place the badge of Saturday Bloopers and a link of this blog in your post!

4. Enter the link of your Satuday Bloopers' post on Mr. Linky.

5. Visit other blogs who joined, read, comment and laugh all you can!

That's it! As easy as that...

For this week I'll be leaving you ahead with Mr. Linky so that you can submit your entry ahead of time! I'll be expecting your entries until then.


Thanks and Have fun!!!


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