Friday, July 9, 2010

Racist Attack: Filipinos on Northern Ireland

As I tune in to GMA news this morning, I was shocked to hear a racist attack that happened in Northern Ireland just recently. A report by Belfast Telegraph stated 30-year-old  Filipino Calungsod and his wife were sleeping with their two children, aged four and six, when Verzonilla’s (another Filipino living in the same building upstairs) car, parked at the front door of their house in Fernagh Avenue, went up in flames.

According to the Belfast report, Calungsod moved to Northern Ireland five years ago to work,

“We didn’t have any problems before but now we are thinking of moving again. We moved here because our friends live here. They said it was a nice, quiet street, good for our kids. And it had been. But now we are all scared," 

Calungsod was quoted as saying in the report. 

My heart really screams for justice and protection for these people.  As foreign individuals, all we ever wanted is to give our families a good life they deserve. We worked hard as they do (sometimes even harder) and follow every law they require, yet this is what we get in return? My question is WHY? After all these years, WHY? We don't deserve to be treated like this.  I symphatize for those victims of this maltreatment. Hope you'll find a safe, racist-free place to move in. Until then, my prayers will include you.


Denise said...

Amen, agree in prayer with you.

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