Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday: My Family


If there's one thing that I wanna be thankful of - that is for having this "one of a kind" FAMILY:

For PAPA: Being away from your family is not easy, i know. You gave up your chance to have those days being with the ones you love (US - your family) just to earn a living and give us a great life you want us to have. For all the sacrifices and pain you have to bare for us to have a brighter future and everything we ever wanted. For the skills you taught me, encouragements and words of wisdom. Most of all, for leading me to serve the God that you serve. Thank you!

For MAMA: For waking up early in the morning just to cook and prepare everything we need for the rest of the day. For praying every night and looking after us for the past 20 years. For loving us unconditionally and forgiving us every time we commit mistakes. Thank you!

For my Brothers June Birth & A J:  For obeying and respecting my decisions as the eldest among us 3. For reminding me to be responsible whenever you look up on me. For helping me cleaning the house, doing the laundry and washing the dishes. Thank you!

For God: For keeping our family together and blessing us extraordinarily. For protecting each one of us everyday and guiding us throughout the seasons. For expanding our territories, favors and your grace that always abound in our lives. For your LOVE that is beyond any measure and comprehension. Thank you sooooo much!!! 

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Denise said...

May God bless your beautiful, thankful heart.

Christian Magoncia said...

thanks denise! you too...

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