Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Worst Week Ever

Since we have this PRC requirement thing to complete before we're allowed to take the board examination, I've spent my time yesterday working my ass on this site. I tried so hard to get all the cases that I can accommodate as possible, but unfortunately only few moms who gave birth yesterday. Now I have to set another appointment to get another chance of completing my DR cases (birth deliveries) and for the record, it's that not easy to get a schedule.

I'm quite frustrated now and getting hopeless a little bit since I'm off my budget and I can't afford to waste more time... I felt like I've spent my time and money for nothing. I don't know what to do... God please help me... What would be the next step? Guess I just have to trust you beyond this circumstances. 

...You are God above all and I know that your still in control...


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