Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Air Crash Miracle

The Airline Boeing 737 crashed as it was about to land in Caribbean island of San Andres during a great storm. Opposite to what we usually expect, there were only one - 68 year old passenger who died due to heart attack out 131 people boarded on that plane. It's so amazing how God's miracle works in the midst of the storm. The plane splits into pieces and everyone was panicking thinking that, that day could be the end of their story. To the surprise of everyone, the accident did not cause them to meet death though some were seriously wounded and the fuselage did not catch fire as they were trying to escape from the crash.

Sometimes, we face events that causes us to panic and loose control of ourselves. The important thing is we know where to put our faith into and trust that everything's gonna be fine despite of the heavy situation. A lot of people is having a hard time staying calm when things get rough. Only those who are brave enough can hold on to that faith he/she have and believe that everything will still work out for good!

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