Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cool Watches to Shop Online

Yesterday was a disaster for me as was on my home from our midweek church service. The rain was so heavy and I am walking alone on the street with no umbrella, and I was supposed to go home WET. Then somebody from the corner bumped me so hard and unluckily, my watch slipped through my wrist and fell down the road. The man just ran so fast and I didn't bother to hold him for a minute or even go after him. I immediately checked if something went missing on my things and thank God everything's complete. Except that my watch was completely wrecked after that incident. 

My friend from New Jersey called me this morning and said that he's visiting here in the Philippines for a couple of days and asked me if what would I want as gift. The first thought that came across my mind was the watch! So I "unintentionally" mentioned the story that happened last night and he referred me to a perfect site that provides quality watches you can choose for a very affordable price. You can visit and see it for yourself. There are various of elegant, sporty and casual designs of watches, available for you to shop online. It's so easy to purchase and some products (for those domestic orders) are even free in shipping package. I have already picked one of my choice, so grab yours too!


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