Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TCP: Supernatural

This is the one of the famous American series that I've been following. The story revolves around the 2 brothers (Dean, as the eldest and Sam, the younger brother) who were destined to kill each other since they were both chosen as vessels of 2 angels with same story and  destiny to fulfill. These 2 angels were quite famous in the history of Christianity. They were named as Michael (the eldest), the only angel who can kill the DEVIL and Lucifer or referred to as the DEVIL (the younger brother). 

Since Lucifer break out from his pit, He formed his army and spread disaster in the world as a sign of his rebellion and revenge to God who created humans and made them valuable over  his likeness. The angels of heaven were also preparing to counteract Lucifer's plan of destroying the world. In order for Michael to slain Lucifer (as it was written the prophecy), these 2 angels needs to descend into their vessels and take its human form. 

Unfortunately, it does not go that easy for the 2 brothers Dean and Sam. They don't want to be controlled by those powerful creatures who wanted their bodies so badly. Their journey became even more interesting as they continue to find other options as solution for their problem, aside from giving up their bodies. They were chased by demons and angels and struggled over their powers just to chose family over destiny. In this movie, you would really value the worth of a family when things gets rough. 

You better watch it! 
I promise, you'll never regret!...


Marice said...

awww that is one of my fave too. But i heard some rumors that the next season will be their last, well it will actually depends on the ratings. I just wish it wont!

kimmyschemy06 said...

hmmm.. very apocalyptic. nice post!

kamz said...

looks interesting christian. haven't got the chance to sit down and watch every episode. matatakutin kasi ako. let me gather enough courage first to grab myself a copy and then will let you know what i think.

thanks for joining us this week. happy tcp!

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