Friday, August 6, 2010

Avatar: The Last Air Bender

I have been following this movie since High School and finally I just had the chance to view it in theaters.  All I can say is WOW! They totally captured the story of what really happened in the journey of Aang (Noah Ringer). Redeeming the glory of the AVATAR: The Last Air Bender who happens to be responsible in maintaining the balance of the four tribes that represents the four elements namely; Air, Water, Earth and Fire

I was a bit disappointed since the story jumped off to several shortcuts. I guess, it would take too much time for the production to focus on the details just like in the usual animation series which consist of 24 (more or less) episodes. The problem is, those who were just new to this story won't be able to follow clearly on why such events takes place. 

In contrary, the 24 episodes where compressed and magnificently translated into a one full packed movie, with outstanding effects that would really amazed the viewers; not just to those who followed the animated series but even for those who were just new to it. I love the portion where Aang bends the sea to drove away the villains (fire tribe) who tried to invade the North Water tribe territory. That part was pretty awesome!

As for the characters, everyone did play their roles well. I was just expecting a funnier Sokka, a Chinese version of Prince Zuko and a fat Uncle Iroh. I was also looking forward for a fair complexion Katara. Not a white one. But even so, this movie won't be as great as it is, without these characters who mastered their roles perfectly. I was so impressed with the effects and with generousity, I would rate this one as 10/10

I commend the production staff for a Job well done and I will be expecting a much better translation of the book 2 and 3 in the next season. Until then, the story of the AVATAR: The Last Air Bender continues to rocks!


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