Friday, August 6, 2010

Just Dig A Little Deeper

Perseverance, Endurance and Determination were just another fancy words used to describe HARD WORK. They say that these elements would help you reach your goals and ambitions in life. I say, that with all these elements, combined with prayers and FAITH to God's ultimate power, will make mountains move and astound every giants standing in your way towards victory. 

This has caught my attention when I saw the true to life story movie of "Hurricane Season" which showed us on how the people of New Orleans, Louisiana cope with the damaged that hurricane Katrina caused in their homes last 2005. Many people died in such terrible disaster but one person stand out and didn't gave up on the things that he always dreamed off. He continued to wrestle against the impossibilities and little by little, he did get what he always wanted. 

I don't usually believe on stories like this at first, since it rarely happens in real situation unlike in fairy tales. But knowing that it happened for real, it somehow inspired me, showing  to me that indeed a RADICAL COMMITMENT, or we call that PASSION, towards a certain cause can make impossible things become possible. It just took one person, making a difference and chooses to find HOPE in the midst of despair, have turned everything upside down for New Orleans. 

The story revolves around a certain coach who was so dedicated in building his basketball team, preparing them for the biggest game season of their lives. They were working so hard, aiming for the National State Championship title until that Katrina incident happened and took away everything they have. Since most of his players were seniors and wished to play their last season, most of them losed hope and transferred to another university that offers them better opportunities to play. But the coach picked up the pieces one by one and started all over again in pushing through their goals and dreams. His DETERMINATION inspired few students and have also choose to remain under his supervision, despite of the frustrations they went through. They continued to train themselves and used those negative emotions left by Katrina as a motivating factor to fight and survive in the league.

Indeed they went through victories after victories and claimed the National State Championship title, upholding the values of HARD WORK, DISCIPLINE and TEAMWORK. They have proved to everyone that the only way to solve a problem is to face it courageously and not by running away from it. They showed to everyone that there is nothing that could not be achieved as long as you believe. Most importantly, they taught me to outlive my passion and hold on to it until it becomes TRUE or REAL to me!

It was a great movie indeed, inspiring us all with a saying that you just have to "DIG A LITTLE DEEPER" every time you work on to that dream. One day, "You'll get there!"



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