Thursday, August 5, 2010

TT: Thanks!!!

 I want to thank God for the following things that happened in my life for this past week!
  • For allowing me to enroll on my review classes before taking the Nursing Licensure Exam. That despite of the financial problems we encounter as a family (since my review would really cost me some amount), God still provided our needs FAITHFULLY. Everyday I woke up with His grace and His miraculous power working in my life.
  • Secondly, for providing people to encourage me, on not to give up on my calling and to pursue every dreams and aspirations God has implanted in my heart. I know that I will get there somehow. I just need to have faith and believe! Thanks to Pastor John!!! A great mentor and a father of mine who sees me more than anyone else.
  • Lastly, for my Parents! They keep on working sooooooo hard just to offer me the BEST support I can get and a brighter future. I really appreciate the extra miles you always took, just for me to be comfortable in my situation. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! In return, I'll promise to give my best in everything, for me to become that son that you can always be proud of.

For these things, I want to return 
back the glory to whom glory is due...


Karen said...

Wonderful blessings!

sarah said...

awesome shine

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