Monday, August 9, 2010

BC Bloggers 4


I've been tired of jumping from one blog after another, begging for links just to improve my PR. I've been doing that for the past months and it's really exhausting. I can't continue to waste my time, visiting "dead blogs" who doesn't respond to your request. 

Thanks to BC Blogger, being reopened, I don't have to beg for links anymore. I just have to get myself involved into it and then, that's it! I get the links I definitely need! Still curious? Then visit Paula's Place and learn more about the process.

It's just so easy!

First, Create a post and spread the word to your friends!

Secondly, Grab the BADGE and place it in your sidebar!

Third, Create a Page for BC Bloggers link!

Lastly, Check out the Application form and sign it up!

Don't wait until Christmas before you sign-up! BC Bloggers 4 will only last until August 12 .

"I tell you, you don't want to waste those LINKS that is waiting ahead of you!"

See you there!

 BC Bloggers 4 rocks!!!


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