Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TCP: Solomon Kane


I just viewed this movie yesterday for the first time and I was amazed on how this film depicted a picture a terrible person who happens to be a cold-hearted, greedy, selfish and a war freak MONSTER with a terrible background, transformed into a loving, caring and adorable HUMAN as he surrenders his pride before God and acknowledges his weaknesses.

Solomon Kane came from the royalties but He choose to disobey his Father's will for him. He walked away, leave his inheritance and everything behind, and never returned until his journey of rescuing Meridith (the daughter of His friend who kept him and considered him as a family) and redeeming his soul from hell begins. Even though there were moments that he felt hopeless, His determination to continue and TRUST towards the OMNIPOTENT God led him to the peak of his SUCCESS on his mission.

Lessons learned: 
  • Everyone has an opportunity to CHANGE once we give up our pride and start listening to what our Father (GOD) says.
  • Perseverance can lead you father than you thought.
  • Prayer is the BEST weapon you can use. Way better than any magic/sorcery, sword or guns !!!
  • Lastly, it's God's battle, not yours. So just sit back, PRAY and relax! God is always in the upper hand.

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wow..love your review and lessons. what triggered his transformation?..

Mys said...

Very interesting movie from your description. Will try to look for it. Thanks for the share.

vonfire said...

nice trailer!...ill definitely watch this film! :D

The Single Sassy Chick said...

seems so interesting...would watch it.

simply kim said...

wow! this is the first time i heard a review of it. i know that there is such movie but never get to watch it. it sounds so interesting..

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