Thursday, August 12, 2010

Qualities of a GOOD Teacher


My professor in college used to mention this line in class, "You are the one who's making your grade,not me. I'm just here to record it!" To be honest, I really do hate that line! Every time hear those words, it makes me angry. I loose respect for those kind of teachers who doesn't care of their students' performance in their class. As long as they were there in that classroom on the time that they were expected to be there, then that's it! 

Some prof's just exist to tell you "blah blah" and won't really care if you get it. Their totally absurd! If you ask them to explain about something, they will just tell you a bunch of crap like read your book in page blah blah blah since they really don't care if you did  or not understand what they were saying! Then if you fail in class, you would see his or her face again in the next semester, in the same classroom with different faces. Isn't it boring?

Isn't it fulfilling, as teachers, when our students appreciate our efforts of assisting them towards learning? When we know deep within ourselves that we gave our best, and somehow it changes their lives because of the influence we have in them. As educators, it is important to make sure that we possess the qualities of a GOOD teacher which for my own opinion suits to the following description below.

  • Assesses carefully the learning of their student gained during or after lecture. Some sort of short-evaluation thing on his/her readiness and capability to learn such matter.
  • Focuses his/her test on the areas he/she explained or emphasized. Some teachers give quizzes on things they haven't explained or lectured. Thus, it really sucks when their student failed due to their own mistakes.
  • Motivates their students to achieve high results, to boost up their ego and feel good about themselves.
  • Encourage sense of independence by allowing them to think and be creative.
  • Providing unique and outstanding ideas to start off if they're clueless on something.
  • Offers emotional, intellectual and spiritual support as necessary. A teacher is like a second parent to their students no matter how young or how old a student may be!
  • Maintains a positive attitude towards a certain task. Emphasizing that everything will work out if we're all in this together.
  • Considers faults or mistakes committed and helping them to correct those errors little by little.
  • Sympathizes with their students hardships.
  • Should be more focused on the process than being result oriented. You can't expect too much from your student at the start. You have to be patient and guide him/her through the process.
  • Never gives up on his/her student!!!
  • Prays for his/her students that they may achieve their goals and aspirations in life.
  • Lastly, allow them to graduate or proceed to the next level. You can't keep them forever! Let them pass so that they will realize that their effort was worth it.

In the hands of our teachers lies the future of this world. So let us do our job well and dedicate our lives to mold these young leaders to be the person they intend to become. For a good teacher will always bear fruit to a good student! If you have these qualities, you will always be remembered by the students you've handled and that memory will never be taken away from them. A reward that cannot be paid by any amount! A treasure that you will cherish FOREVER.

Have a GREAT day and God bless you!!!


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