Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TCP: Troy


Several Brad Pitt movies I have already watched, but Troy remains to be the top on the list, so I'm rooting for this movie for this tuesday! 

Enjoy Watching! Happy TCP!!!


K said...

ooohh. hubby loves the epic ones. we have seen this, and loved it to bits! good one!

hopped from TCP to here ;)

here's mine:


Rossel said...

this is one of brad pitt's best movies ever but the legends of the fall is my all time favorite.

here's my entry...

hope you are having a nice day!


now this is one legendary Pitt movie.and my boyfy seen this like a zillion times.

AnLiz said...

I didn't like this movie, kasi namatay sya wahhhh! gusto ko ang bida di namamatay..


claire said...

we have the same feature film.. love it!

bonz said...

hubby loves this movie, but i love meet joe black a lot...


simply kim said...

yes, one great film, and somehow faithful to the story. made me sad,though, lol!

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